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Our services for your success

  • We act as a consultant, we accompany seller and buyer, help an assist wherever needed. We help finding solutions concerning residency ship, which might be difficult in some respect, because there will be some restrictions by law in Tirol.
  • Therefore we have established a team of professionals, such as lawyers, tax advisors or bankers, being very well aware of all legal and tax issues.
  • We also have a team of architects, technicians and interior decorators to plan and supervise any kind of needed change or adoption.
  • We also prepare marketing concepts for the seller, identify potential buyer and accompany through the sales / purchase procedure.
  • We are also representing Sotogrande SA in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
The seller, who wants a discreet sale is in good hands.
Our properties are not already known throughout the district.

Stauffenberg Property & Services

is well known for off market properties and discrete sale. We concentrate on the most beautiful, but perhaps not best known properties in the area of Kitzbuehel.


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