For Buyer

We will find the right offer.

The more offers are on the market, the more difficult will it be to find the right one. We spent a lot of time to define the parameters for searching, we listen carefully, accompany the customer in a first tour through the area, to understand location, surrounding, type of house and define a budget including all purchase cost and/or costs for renovation or rebuilding.

All from one hand:

Definition of the search profile:
Briefing during a single meeting in Kitzbühel, location, size, amenities, Budget

Information about the property:
correspondingly and verified the search profile

Excellent network in Kitzbühel:
with colleagues, so we have access to almost all real estate in the valley

Accompanied by the purchase or rental procedure:
legal and tax advice on appropriate partnerships, financing

Any support and monitoring: with alterations and additions

Single Point of Contact: for the buyer, the search simplified massively

Here you can find some information about our current listings.

More information

We really work out the customers need to find the property which fulfills the customers’ requirements. Softfacts just said, might be important. Tiny hints could be very helpful. After the research will be no need to steel time.

We don’t sent exposés with pictures of interior decoration, we summarize hard facts, describe location, size and lay out, show the location on a map as well as the lay out.

We also check neighborhood and reachability.

The customer takes profit from our experience and intimate knowledge of the market, which gives him the right idea of the property

We assist and accompany our customers through all questions of legal purchase and residency ship. A team of lawyers, bankers and tax advisors will be in place.

Our customer will be part of our network, he takes profit from our team of architects, interior decorators and all type of craftsmanship they need.

On special request we assist finding staff.

We also assist in integrating our customer into the social community in Kitzbühel, introduce our customers to Golf and/or country clubs, create awareness for all other kind of social network, recommend restaurants, help to organize i.e. ski guides or nannies.

The purchase of a property needs to trust. We create trust and give certainty to have done the right investment.

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